Bar In Portland:

Email to set up a time to meet with us to set up your free account and book your InstaCity Party to gain followers. We will come to your bar to meet with you.

InstaCity Party: On party nights we will come to your bar with our InstaCity table to hand out up to 200 free drink tokens (that we pay for at $1 each). We verify that your customers have downloaded the app and followed your bar before we give out the tokens. We also will have a raffle with gift cards that we buy from you for your bar ($50, and two $25). In total, we spend $300 with you to gain followers for your bar.

We hope that after you gain followers that you will love advertising specials on InstaCity! Book a party and we will also give you 30 free Zokens to use for running up to 30 specials (a $60 value). We will also bring table tents for all of your tables 1 to 2 weeks before your party to advertise as well as run some Facebook advertising to promote the party. We start booking every Friday starting in June, so email us right away to get started!