InstaCity is a great bar app for users and bar staff and owners! InstaCity is a new mapping system for users to see bars in their area that they may never know existed. Whether they are new to town, on vacation or just looking for new fun places to spend their free time, they can find them on our map. We have colored these bar icons so you can easily find bars (blue icon), see if they are currently having happy hour (orange icon) or if they are running a "2 hour InstaHot Special" (Red Icon and exclusive deals for our users).

Save money by finding the specials and have fun doing it by finding the new hot spots in your neighborhood. Bars can run specials anytime they want. Maybe they are slow and want to get many customers in quickly or maybe they have a special event. Our users can also add their favorite bars to their InstaLIST to receive instant notifications when those bars run a deal. Its like the bar owner send you a direct message to come in for a special! Make sure to go in quickly, those deals only are valid for 2 hours. You can see why this app is great for bar customers, staff and bar owners as it has the platform to help everyone have a great and successful night.

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