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InstaCity is a great app for bar owners, managers, staff and their customers! Our app allows bars to post their bar details, happy hours and other specials or events easily for our members to find on a real-time map near them. Members don't have to sift through a list of deals anymore, but can scroll around their map and see what is going on from the color icons.They change color in real-time so you can easily see what is happening "Right Here, Right Now". We encourage all bar owners to sign up for a free bar profile with no credit card on file at all. This will give you a blue icon on our map at your address. You can also list your happy hour times and specials to change the icon orange during those times.This is all free to use except we charge a small fee to run a "2 hour InstaHot Special" ,turning your icon bright red if you offer a great deal to attract our member in. Also, members can add your bar to their InstaLIST and receive real-time notifications any time you run a special. Running a "2 hour InstaHot Special" is as low as $1.25. The best part is there are no hidden fee's, no credit cards on file or monthly fee's ever. If you want to run a special, you simple buy a "Red Hot Zoken" (our online currency), that pays for you to run a special. It's that easy!

Radio Stations:

Join the InstaCity App to cross promote. Your logo will be displayed on our app. Gain followers by promoting InstaCity on the air. You can send "InstaBlurbs" to all of your followers instantly and turn you logo red alerting all our members that you are promoting. This is a great way to promote a party you are hosting, an on air event, or anything you would like our members to hear about. This is 100 percent free to you, we just ask that you help promote us on air to gain your followers. This could be done on air, via websites or have dj's talking about InstaCity. Signing up is fast and you will be on our app within a couple days after verifying your information. Please us official radio station email address for signing up.

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